Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alor Star's Day - Pacific
Just now i was going out with my family ^^
Mummy was going to buy shoes ..
And daddy was going to buy pants ..
I had nothing to buy ..
I just follow go and do ''keipo'' only ..
Haha :D
The photo take at MAX 2

My Daddy

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday - 11.6.2010
Yeah ~I love this day ..
Because ..
I can go home for seeing my lovely JUJU ^^
I love him much =))
I finish my class ..
Around 5.30 pm ..John'sis was coming to fetch me to jetty ~
After reach Alor Star ..
We went to Swiss Land for our dinner ^^

He is John's friend , and also my friend's brother ^^
So gham ~
The world is too small =((

Jphn look like a kidsss ~
Haha :D
10.6.2010 - Thursday ^^
I got class that day ..
But around 12.30 noon ,
I was finish my class ~
John was going my college and fetch me out for lunch =))
By the way ,
He also want go to wash his photo ..
The photo need to wait around half an hour just can took ~Its okays ;)~
We walking around there de shop ..
We walk walk walk ..
We saw a bakery ..
I was going to buy a cheese cake ..
Yummy ~But John say too many cheese d ~
Haha ..
Noob John ~!!
That was a yummy taste ^^
I like the feeling that was walking around and eating ..
We walk to new year park there ^^
Because he want go Inti ..
So ~
I follow him go ..
Because I want meet Quek Quek ^^
Haha :D
At night ..
We went Gurney ..
OMG ~!!
Gurney again ~
Haha xD
We go WongKuk for taking out dinner ~

The photo I at WongKuk ^^
Finish eating..
I went for VOIR for finding my inner wear ~
But there was no new stock ..
I was waiting Angel them finish their dinner ..
So John and I go to Gurney there beach ~
We are sitting there and sembang-ing ^^
Around 9 something ..
I was backing to my house =((

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Subaidah's Night~
8.6.2010 - Tuesday ..
Thats was a awesome night for me ;)~
I love that night much ^^
Because ~~
That was a 1st night when i at Penang and im going to beach ^^
But ..On the way go beach ..
Me , Wei John & Shu Ching went to Subaidah for our dinner ..
After that we just went to Beach ^^
Go beach all is because me always ''kacau'' Wei John bring me go ^^
That night around 2 something i just back to my house =))
Wakekezzz xD

9.6.2010 - Wednesday ~
That was a happy day for me ..Because i had no class ^^
Around 1 oclock something in the noon ,
We john come fetch me and going to his sister's house ..

After that we bring his sister go air port ..
On the way going to air port ..
I feel so sleepy ..
Don't know why ???
Hehe ~
Finish fetching his sister to air port ..
Wei John went to his ''kampong'' house and taking something ~
After that we was going to Queensbay ..
But we had no thing to buy ~
Finish shopping ..
We went for Queensbay there's beach a while ..
Because we scare traffic jam ..
So around 5 oclock in the evening ..
We were going to George Town there ^^
Still early ..
Hmm ~
A romance thing flow on my mind ~
Me : ''Kia .. We go beach . ''
John : ''Siao arrhh~so late d .. the sunset also want down d . ''
Me : ''Hohoho~Kia lar .. We went there for seeing sunset down mar .. ''
John : ''Want mie ? ''
Me : ''WANT''
Yeepii ^^

He was fetching me going there ..
The sunset ^^

The toilet in Rock Cafe , I feel like don't want go out ^^

Its on the ceiling =))

Before I back , the photo i shot xD
Around 7 something we were going to home ~
Tata , my lovely beach ..
Muackz ~

Monday, June 7, 2010

That was a day im coming back to Penang =))
Is Cao John drive me here ^^
So shy when i saw her sister ..
Hehe ~
After come back here ..
At night i was going out with Angel them ..
Shu Min was coming to Penang for holidaysss~
We are going to Gurney again @@
Since i go Penang ..
I already went Gurney so many timesss d =))

This photo take by Angel Saw

My Dear - Angel

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Dearest Friendsss Day =))
Woohoo ~
Today was a friendsss day ..
I spent all the time with my friendsss ..
Because , Yesterday I was going Elvin's house stay ^^
Then I also meet my Dear Dear - Shuqi at there :D
Im so excited that I can meet so many people there ..
And I also meet Hooi Luan ..
Wowowow ~
Im loving it
At the morning ,
Angel and OWC got their class ~
So .. Just me and Elvin stay at home ^^
Around 4.30pm we were going out to watch movie - Happy Lucky

Finish movie , I saw a cute ribbon
And I ask my dear buy for me ..
But he was at Butterworth ..
Haha :D
After that we were going Gurney Drive eating =))
The picture take by my dearest Angel Saw
After finish eating and n the way walking to car park ..
OMG ~!!
Swt GOD ~!!
I saw a cartoon car ^^
A lot of cartoon in that car =))
It's look like so cute ^^
And this thing ..
I buy for my Pig Dear
My 1st Day - 31st Of May
Thats was my 1st day started my college - KDU
It's quite bored at there ..
Just a Orientation Daysss ..
Then time table was writting that day was finish the programs end on 5pm ..
I don't want so late to back home ..
Thats was a suprise for me ..
Its finish on 3pm something ^^
Then around 5pm something ..
Angel and her Lao Gong come my house and fetch me went their house ..
Haha =))

I went their house bath and chatting with my other dear - Elvin ^^
After that we are going Gurney Plaza find some food feed to the full of our stomach ..
We search ..
Search ..
Search , search and search ~
Finally , we go Wong Kuk ^^

The picture : Edit my - Angel saw

Finish eating ,
We were going to shop a while :D
Around 9 something ..
They were fetch me back to my house ..
A day pass ..
And wait for another day coming =))